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'Particular' Reading List
Your students need your support  to do what they're best at...
So... What IS the best way to improve getting dessert?
Kids always like anything to do with Ancient Egypt!
'Particular' Demonstrations (via YouTube...)
Learning !

Where your students can learn, use, and mess with new physics applications.
Are you looking for something novel and hands-on for your students ?  
  • Show them how to harness the power of a hill. 
  • Teach them how gravity and friction affects sand, gravel, rice, Cheerios, etc. 
  • Entice them to become Ancient Egyptian Engineers... 

A particulate is a collection of particles that flow like water... until they STOP as a hill.  The possibilities are engaging, surprising, and... educational!

'Particular' Demonstrations, Reading Lists, Lesson Partays! (and plans), and Workbooks -- all can help you meet or exceed STEM or STEAM requirements for your preschool, elementary, secondary, or even post-doctoral classroom.