Physics Funnies...

Name  the  first satellite to orbit Earth?

Einstein worked hard on a space theory.
It was about TIME too...!

     What  do  Physicists  eat  as  a  snack?             'GRAM' crackers

      Why  can't  you  EVER  trust  an atom? 
      They make up EVERYthing

                               Hoodamath "Sugar Sugar"        Hoodamath "Green Physics 1"          Hoodamath "Castle Destroyer"

                                                                                    Disney's "Where's My Water?
Physics Videos
   'Particular' Engine                  'Particular' Wall               'Particular'  Boxes
The 'Particular' Engine moves a cup without a hand touching it... just rice. You can move your own cup too. 
The 'Particular' Wall is a contest between a wall full of holes and  a solid wall.  Which will win? 
The 'Particular' Boxes show just how powerful a hill can be -- and how you can control that power!
Physics Games

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