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Add new physics to your arsenal of engineering solutions.  Dont't FIGHT the power of a hill... APPLY it.

Build retaining walls, manage landslides, augment MSE walls, protect/replenish beaches, etc. AND move Ancient Egyptian Obelisks...
How it works
A particulate is a collection of particles that flow like water... until they STOP as a hill.

Design according to a particulate's angle of repose (when it is a hill), and  you can harness 'hill' power for several purposes, including beach and bank replenishment.
For Landscape/Civil Engineers

Tired of your beautiful retaining walls failing after a few measley decades? Dare to take pride in your work...  for centuries.
     Engineers / Licensing           Teachers / Parents             For KIDS!!!          Projects
Let's Reduce 
Particulate in a sandy beach, loamy bank, farm field, or a landslide-prone hill are powerful. 

Simple physics applications --  kids use them all the time in the sandbox  -- will help you harness 'particular' power for new solutions.
For Environmental Focus

Mimimize erosive, and polluting storm water runoff. Better yet, incorporate water-cleansing particulate (activated charcoal perhaps?) into water-controlling drainage systems. AND save that beach!
For Grain/Mining Engineers

Control the ebb, flow, and humidity of your particulate, while minimizing the danger of  dust explosion or cave-in. Use and manage the inherent power of grain, ore, and dirt -- instead of fighting it.
For Recycling Visionaries

Choose a system that can reuse old tires, cast-off plastics -- and more -- by turning time in a landfill 
(a minus) to time in a structure (a plus).

YouTube Demonstrations

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